Residential Water Solutions

We can solve many residential water problems with our line of Water Right water treatment equipment.

The Sanitizer Series Unit effectively treats hardness, iron, manganese, sulfer, and odor in a single pass.

The Sanitizer’s patented control produces free chlorine from system brine thanks to an innovative chlorine generator. With each regeneration, free chlorine sanitizes the media bed where iron and sulfur bacteria can grow and incubate. Iron and sulfur bacteria odors and associated problems are virtually eliminated. The solid-state control’s LED lights show system status at a glance. A low-salt alarm helps ensure homeowners the system is always ready to sanitize.

The Sanitizer Series uses a one-of-a-kind crystalline media (Crystal-Right™) that is not only impervious to chlorine, it provides superior ion exchange and filtering. Two different grades of Crystal-Right media are used today to provide two Sanitizer models, each with slightly different conditioning capabilities.