What size generator do I need?

Our smallest system which produces 300 gallons per day uses a ¾ hp electric motor for the high pressure pump that can be run on generators as small as 2000 watts or even an inverter. Systems to 800 gallons per day operate at approximately 1500 watts and require a 4.5 KW to effectively start the system.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is the actual process that is used to produce the fresh water from the sea. The membranes only allow fresh water (product water or permeate) to pass through the material at 800 psi and almost all of the salt and other minerals are excluded and sent back to the sea as brine or concentrate.

Where does the salt go?

The salt does not stay in the membrane and is constantly flushed back to the sea in a cross flow self-cleaning process.

How much noise do the systems make?

Our systems are designed to be as quiet as possible; vibration isolation mounts are used to greatly reduce any noise that is generated by the high pressure pump and all components are securely mounted during the installation process which eliminates equipment chatter.  Actual ambient noise would be comparable to a clothes dryer.

Can you drink the water?

Reverse osmosis product water is some of the best tasting, healthy water you can drink as it contains the same mineral balance as the sea and a person’s own blood.  Most of our customers find that they have no need to buy and store bottled water once their watermaker is installed, not only does this same money and space, it is better for the environment.

Can I use the system in a marina?

We do not recommend operating systems where there is the chance of fuel or oil spills or where cleaning chemicals and other contaminants may be present.  In general, if you would not swim in water, do not use it to make water.